Ger Innovation Hub

The Ger Innovation Hub (GIH) is a unique community space in the ger areas of Ulaanbaatar. At the GIH, we hope to build capacity within our communities by implementing various cross-cutting programming across education, health and economic empowerment. By strengthening connections, we believe that communities are able to leverage their collective power over their livelihoods.


Gerude is an education for innovation program aimed to foster creative problem solvers among Mongolian youth. Through innovative tools and approaches such as brick-based, peer-to-peer, and project-based learning we seek to develop skills necessary for high-school students to thrive in the future.

Luby-Jenkins Student- Exchange Program (SEP)

The Luby-Jenkins Student-Exchange Program was founded by Mr. Walter Jenkins, Chairman of Mongolia Education Foundation and implemented by Zorig Foundation. The aim of eight-month program is to educate Secondary-school students in obtaining leadership skills, and to help them become socially responsible and capable citizens in society.  The program consists of leadership skills and English language training, gaining knowledge about society and two-week long program in Denver with no fees for selected students.

Junior Internship Program (JIP)

The Junior Internship Program (JIP) is a three to four months program that was launched in 2018. JIP’s main purpose is to provide its students with the necessary knowledge and skills in choosing their professions through dedicated interpersonal competencies training series, workshops, and a 2 week internship experience. 

The Junior Internship Program is a highly selective and competitive program with over 300 applications each year due to the current demand present in our society. So far the program has directly impacted 70 high school 11th grade students since its conception. 

The program invites professional guests and experts to guide and mentor the students. JIP facilitates its internship component in partnership with leading diverse multi-purpose organizations in Mongolia such as National Commission for UNESCO in Mongolia, And Systems LLC, ITools LC, Golomt Bank, UB Songdo hospital, ArdGroup, IRIM, UBP Media, Zorig Foundation, Parliament TV, Institute of Applied Psychology, Mongolian Academy of Science, General Court Commission, Civil Aviation General Authority, Economic Policy and Competitiveness Research Center (ECRC), Mongolian Art Council, National University of Mongolia (NUM) and so forth.

Through JIP, students have been able to identify themselves, get invaluable advice, change their prospective professional trajectory, determine their passion, gain personal development skills, get practical experience, and make life-long friends.  

Young Leadership Program (YLP)

The Zorig Foundation Young Leadership Program (YLP) is an eight-month long program designed to develop the leadership and management skills of young Mongolian professionals and broaden their knowledge about the world and their communities. The program consist of skills training and project development classes and workshops and field trips to organizations contributing to the development of Mongolia. Since its founding in the fall of 2003, the YLP has graduated more than 300 alumni, all of whom are positively contributing to their personal careers as well as to their communities.

GerHub is a non-profit social enterprise that seeks to find innovative and creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues in ger districts of Ulaanbaatar. GerHub partners with top universities and institutions globally in fields of architecture, design and innovative education. For more information, please visit

Zorig Foundation was founded in memory of the late Zorig Sanjaasuren in 1998. Zorig Foundation aims spread democratic values and ideals throughout Mongolia with a vision of shaping a society in which citizens are informed and are engaged and guided by democratic values and through effective partnerships and building of communities. For more information, please visit